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Loan Agreement Format India

A loan agreement, also known as a long-term loan, on-demand loan or loan contract, is a contract that documents a financial agreement between two parties, one being the lender and the other the borrower. B) a person who, in both cases, has arrived in India or is in India, other than: (B.1) for a job in India or (B.2) for the exercise of an activity or vocation in India or (B.3) for other purposes, under circumstances that would indicate his intention to remain in India for an uncertain period; (h) « person »: one person; (i) « repayment »: repayment of the principal amount and interest on borrowing, bonds and/or other expenses, commissions or other taxes that must be paid to the lender under this agreement. (j) « advance, » a partial or full prepayment of the loan. (k) « slice, » the amount of the monthly payment during the loan period. l) « Post Dated Cheques » or « SIC »: cheques on the amount of the portion drawn by the borrower in favour of the borrower, which supports the dates corresponding to the maturity date of each tranche. (m) « EMI, » the monthly payments (n) « workday, » the date on which India`s banks are open to operations. 1.2. References to articles, clauses, recitals, annexes and calendars refer to the articles, clauses, recitals, annexes and timetables of this agreement. 1.3. Any reference to a statutory provision includes a provision that is amended, rewritten or consolidated from time to time, to the extent that such a change or revision or consolidation applies or may be applicable to all transactions carried out under that version. 1.4. Words that refer only to the singular contain the plural and vice versa. 1.5.

Words that refer only to the male sex include the female sex and vice versa. 1.6. The recitals of this agreement are and are an integral part of this agreement. 1.7. The titles of this Agreement are mere and cannot be used to interpret or interpret this Agreement. Dear Karthik, thank you for the answer. We are concerned about whether we should pay all taxes if my friend transfers money to my account.