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Plc End User Licence Agreement

Under no circumstances are Dolphin or its senior executives liable, Directors, employees, agents, suppliers, distributors or resellers to you or any other person for indirect, special, random or consequential damages (such as damage to loss of value, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, data loss, loss) or other commercial damage or loss, even if Dolphin has been informed of the possibility of such damage, costs, losses or losses. Under no circumstances is Dolphin liable for damages that go beyond the amount you originally paid Dolphin for this software license. This software uses Microsoft`s online voice recognition service for language diktats. When you use Windows` online voice recognition service, Microsoft collects and uses your voice recordings to create a textual translation of spoken words into voice data. Voice data is used in the aggregate to improve the ability to correctly recognize the language of all users, so that the data Microsoft collects on these online services helps improve it. If you accept this license, respect Microsoft`s online voice recognition, which is enabled in Windows. For more information on deactivating Microsoft`s online voice recognition, see: This section provides detailed information on the information needed to use the nuance language products. They are made available in their original language, as indicated by the third party. Nuance® is a registered trademark of Nuance Communications, Inc. and is used here under license. Dolphin may update or update the software, but is not required to provide you with these updates or upgrades, unless the fee has been paid.

Any update or update is related to the terms of this Agreement, unless you are asked to accept a new agreement as part of the installation of the update or upgrade. AMR-WB audio CODEC is licensed by Codepro. This licence is provided as long as Codepro is exempt from the warranty and that the conditions of liability and corrective measures applicable to implementation apply. 5.1. This application is made available « as intended » without warranty, warranty, warranty or any form of agreement in terms of functionality, quality or suitability for use. HSBC cannot guarantee that access to the application is uninterrupted or that there is no delay or outage. This is a legal agreement (the « agreement ») between you, the end user, and Dolphin Computer Access Ltd, uk Limited Company, registration number 2065974, registered address Technology House, Blackpole Estate West, Worcester UK, WR3 8TJ and its subsidiaries and associated companies (« Dolphin »), which includes software distributed by Dolphin and its distributors and resellers (« software » and documentation. If you are not the end user of the software, it is your responsibility to ensure that the end user knows and agrees to comply with the requirements of this Agreement. They will comply with all laws, rules and rules applicable to the export of goods and information, including the laws of the countries in which the materials were produced. In particular, you will not export or reuse, directly or indirectly, individually or under a system, equipment or other information in a country that requires an export or other license without first obtaining such a license or other authorization.