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We Do Not Have A Maintenance Agreement

(1) Who should monitor the operator`s performance – is it the authority or an independent expert? (2) If it is a regulatory authority or a government authority, does it have sufficient capacity and resources to effectively control it? Is the company so objective that a private operator can be satisfied with its decisions? What are his powers? (3) What is the method of surveillance? You get both services through an ADM – a support and maintenance contract. Before you activate a new secondary or main version or contact our support team, you need a valid ADM. (1) Can the operator outsource? If so, should the parties to which it is authorized to sub-treat be restricted? 2. (3) Should the contract provide clear allocation procedures? Does the agreement provide that subcontracting can be freely granted to the Authority? 5. Does the agreement provide that all subcontractings to be entrusted by the Authority at the time of termination of the contract must be awarded? No specific facts are indicated. General questions were asked by the department on maintenance contracts and « extended guarantees. » (1) Does the agreement provide guarantees for the parent company? (It depends on the identity of the operator and its parent element.) 2. Is the parent company of the operator the ultimate parent company? 3. Does the parent company provide compensation or oblige the guarantors to take over and execute the agreement if the operator does not? (If this is the case, this may be unsatisfactory, as it may be necessary to identify the offence and invite the guarantors to the benefit). Do the guarantees provide for a formulation that the liability of the surety cannot be more engaged than the operator under the agreement? 4. 5. Is the form of the parent company in control of the authority, i.e.

is the form of the parent company attached to the agreement or does it have to be approved by the Authority? (6) Does the agreement provide for performance obligations? Are they payable on request or if there is a proven delay? (7) Does the authority have to approve the identity of the issuer of the service obligations? Are the terms of the Authority`s obligations or authorisation subject to the agreement? (8) The terms of the parent company`s obligations or guarantees contain all the usual guarantees that an authority would seek, for example.B.