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Boundary Agreement Deed

If a registered tenant is not a party to a border agreement and consent to the amendment is not filed, we will inform the board that the entry has taken place. Evidence provided to the Registrar that the exact line of the border is in the indicated position may contain plans or provisions in the context of pre-registration documents, legal statements, statements of truth or other signed statements. When an applicant avails himself of an expert opinion, a copy of that report must be submitted. It should be noted that an expert`s finding on the position of the legal boundary is inconclusive on this point, even if it may engage him with the parties mandating the expert. The Registrar has yet to ensure that a contentious case has been proven for the exact limit within which the expert has tried it, and that a copy of the expert opinion must therefore be provided. If there are specific reasons to believe that the Registrar may not be satisfied when a contentious case is presented, it may be preferable to consider the transfer approach described in the transfers and the limits set without application. Before an application for a fixed limit, i.e. a formal border agreement, can be lodged with the land registry, it is necessary that the border situation is already agreed and is in no way contrary to the content of one of the documents registered in the land registry. As soon as an application is submitted to the land registry for the DB form. Two or more groups of homeowners can agree on the boundary between their characteristics.

The agreement may relate to the position of the legal limit or the maintenance of a limitation feature (z.B. of a hedge) or both. This supplement applies only to border agreements insofar as they deal with the position of the legal border. In general, I think a border agreement will fall into the latter category. This view is supported by Lord Hardwicke`s words L.C to Penn v. Lord Baltimore, a case that refers to a border agreement between Pennsylvania and Maryland. There the chancellor said: The borders can be fixed by an agreement between two neighbouring owners or more, if their borders are not clearly defined or have been lost or confused. In general, such an agreement is not mandatory in writing, much less by deeds; Because if it is done fairly, we will assume that there was no alienation of the country, but that the limits set were the real and old borders.